401(k) Plan

If you are an employee of Lowe’s Home Improvement, LLC, you are uniquely qualified to enroll in the MyLowesLife portal and you are also licensed to use Lowe401k services offered online.


As a government employee working for Lowe’s in the United States or abroad, you are eligible for the MyLowesLife Lowe 401k plan, but employees identified as Call Home and contract employees are not eligible for the MyLowesLife Lowe 401k plan.

If you terminate your employment within six months and are then hired again, you are entitled to the first day of the pay period that begins or continues until the same period after the first day of the first pay period.


The additions to the Lowe 401 (k) plan are officially made through cuts in employee wages and taxes. To select or change the format, visit the plan’s website, including access through the link portal www.myloweslife.com.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Lowe Service Center, please call 1-888-569-3750. There is no limit to the number of account transfers from one option to another. However, the transaction may be subject to market restrictions that may be attractive when transferring funds.

For more information on time-to-market restrictions, see the fund details on the MyLowesLife login portal. You can transfer all or part of the savings from one system to another if the transfer is made in 1% increments according to the rules of the MyLowesLife login portal.

To eliminate short-term trading and market timing, various investment firms have redundant trade policies and/or exchange rates for certain investments. Lowe employees can even access these funds promptly through the MyLowesLife login portal.

Because Lowe 401 (k) plan investment alternatives may be subject to these official guidelines, visit the plan’s website at Plan Fund Information on MyLowesLife. You can even call the Lowe Retirement Service Center at 1-888-569-3750 for more information.