About Us

MyLowesLife is an online portal created by Lowes, especially for its employees. It is a lifesaver for all employees because they have access to employment information. This gives you access to all the important information.


To access this information, you must log in to the MyLowesLife login portal. This information can be verified anytime, anywhere. To access it, employees must first register and receive a username and password.

MyLowesLife is a helpful tool for all current and former Lowe employees. Through this platform, Lowe employees can view their work schedules and shifts, read work-related emails, manage jobs, manage salaries, and other work-related information. In addition, the platform allows employees to apply for interesting positions.


MyLowesLife Login Portal – Brief Information

The Lowes Employee Portal was launched by the organization in 2009 to improve the job performance of workers and employees. To use the framework, you will receive your access data, that is, your sales number and a secret password.

MyLowesLife is owned by Lowes, an organization that operates a network of 1,840 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which are retail and upgrade stores highlighted by the company motto “Never Stop Improving.”

Lowes, based in Mooresville, North Carolina, was founded in 1946 by Lucius Smith in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. After successful growth and development in the United States, the company expanded to Canada in 2007 and Mexico in 2011 with several additional offices in Hamilton, Monterrey, and Ontario. The company will open an additional 150 stores in Australia.

It is the second-largest computer hardware company in the United States after Home Depot and is ranked 50th on the Fortune 500 list.

Things you’ll need to know about MyLowesLife.

  • Must be a current or former Lowes Company-employee.
  • An identification number must be assigned.
  • You should have received a security question and password.
  • You must have an Internet connection and a computer.